Essay on Leadership

Essay On Leadership

 This essay on leadership for students is a five paragraph 500 words essay on leadership that  explores the importance of leadership, allowing people to understand that leadership is currently a topic focused on the decisions made by a determined group of people who seek the collective welfare of their environment to satisfy interests and achieve goals […]

Essay on Secularism


The demand for a happy and authentic life compels both atheists and believers (of all the religions ) to understand the peculiarities of the times in which we live. Such self-understanding includes a phenomenological and hermetic confrontation with a certain novelty of the epoch. This essay on Secularism and Democracy digs deep into the concept […]

Essay on Life After School

Essay on Life After School

Introduction: A good phase of school is over. Challenges for the future. My Ambition in life. What I plan to do? Other options. Conclusion: The future is indeed very bright and challenging anxiously. Essay on Life After School Essay on Life After School  Introduction: ‘Life after School’ is indeed an important phase in life that […]

Essay on Old Age


Currently, the elderly are seen as a burden, people who have already offered the  society everything that a human being can give. Most people see this stage of life with great fear and sometimes with no desire to reach it. It is no longer granted, to the old man, a place of wisdom. This Essay […]