Essay on Friendship

essay on friendship

A friendship in your life you cherish and your reasons for doing so?

  • Introduction: What is friendship?
  • How we met?
  • How he helped me in my hour of need?
  • Why I value his friendship?
  • Conclusion: The most invaluable relationship.

Essay on Friendship

essay on friendship
essay on friendship

‘True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. Fake friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere,’ said Ari Joseph. This aptly sums up the value of true friends. Socially we interact with different people, some of whom we associate as friends. This friend circle makes life lively and refreshing. But are all the people with whom we associate really our friends? One never knows. It is only when the chips are down, and one needs support and help, that one can identify a true friend, from the multitudes of people who we think are friends= It is this friendship of a true friend which one must appreciate and cherish.

I know Rohan from the time he joined my school in class eight. A jovial boy with amiable manners, he adjusted very well in our group comprising six boys. We would have lunch together and play during the recess and soon he became my closest friend.

A year later, the cruel hands of destiny snatched my father and I suffered acute depression and pain. In childish innocence, I took solace in some medicinal tablets, offered to me by one of my friend. Soon to my horror, I found that I just could not do without it. I was alarmed. My final exams were just a few months away and I could not concentrate and my studies. Seeing my pathetic state, some of my friends started avoiding me. This made me feel frustrated .and dejected. It was at this juncture, Rohan like an angel came to my rescue. He began to spend more time with me, at school and also at home. Seeing my predicament, he took me to a de-addiction clinic, as I was ashamed to tell my mother about my ailment.

The road to recovery was long and tedious. At times I felt hopelessly sick and even contemplated suicide. Rohan rekindled the love for life in me. Like a guide and philosopher, I strengthened my resolve to fight the ailment. Soon I was back on my feet. However my illness had adversely affected my studies and I contemplated dropping out of the exams, Rohan urged me not to do so. He helped me by sharing his notes and with his help and guidance, I was able to pass the exams.


I was fortunate in finding a true friend in Rohan. In course of time our friendship grew stronger and stronger. I could confide in him, my worst fears and deepest emotional feelings and could expect a rational and sound advice in return. He was also my greatest critic, but I knew his criticism was well intentioned and meaningful. We had our usual tiffs, but they were very short-lived.

The four years that we were together were the most enchanting period of my life. As the years went by, life became more and more demanding and we drifted away, pursuing our individual dreams but our bond of friendship grew stronger and stronger. Distance may have separated us physically, but not our souls. I am completely at peace with myself, for I have found a true friend, whose friendship I shall cherish throughout my life. There is indeed much truth in the statement ‘life without a true friend is like traversing a desert without oasis.’


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