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Essay on Old Age


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Essay on Old Age

Currently, the elderly are seen as a burden, people who have already offered the  society everything that a human being can give. Most people see this stage of life with great fear and sometimes with no desire to reach it. It is no longer granted, to the old man, a place of wisdom. This Essay on Old Age problems and their solutions  provides a deep insight into this stage of human life.

Essay on Old Age

Essay on Old Age

Essay on Old Age

Essay on Old Age Introduction: All the world a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts,” said William Shakespeare. In the stage of life, old age is the last part which a person plays. Here he reaps the fruit labour whether good or bad done during the lifetime. Thus a wise man consciously plans for his old age, quite early in life. He wisely invests money and imparts good moral and social values to his children, by setting good example for them to emulate. This is for he knows “As you sow so shall you reap”.

Essay on the Elderly Body:Life as per the Hindu mythology, is divided into four parts. beginning from Balavastha followed by Bramacharya, to Gristha and finally to Vridhavastha. In bygone years during Vridavastha, people moved away from worldly pursuit. seeking Nirvana for themselves. Our forefathers therefore trudged to mountains and jungles, forsaking their worldly possessions to seek salvation. This may not be practical now, nevertheless one seeks spiritual pursuits by reading scriptures, or attending religious discourse. This by itself is a joyful and unique experience, which is better than the hustle and bustle of-youthful life. The pursuit for peace and salvation opens up new vistas of wisdom, which give a new meaning and facet to life hither to unknown.

The advancing age brings maturity, wisdom and respectability. People look up to them for advise in family matters. They seek blessings giving the elderly an aura of importance. The grand children are a source of emotional delight, as they bring forth memories of their own childhood. Time is their best companion for it sits heavily on their hands. This makes them revel in such mundane things as hobby, social work and socialising for which they now have ample time. The spare time devoted to social work, gives them immense satisfaction. Such pursuits besides giving inner satisfaction, also add to happiness in their sunset years.

However, with increasing age comes frustration because of their wobbly walk, dimness of vision, impairment of hearing and other ailments. These are sure signs of weakening body constitution. Simple things which they did effortlessly, require help from others, Ailments that were previously ignored now require frequent visits to doctor, who ascribe all ill health to age. This slow suffering, the decay of senses makes life frustrating and miserable. The feeling of helplessness and isolation gets further compounded, when they are forsaken by their near and dear one’s, who prefers leading their own life. This isolation and desperation makes them seek refuge in religion which offers solace adding a new meaning to life.

Essay on Old Age Conclusion:As a day well spent brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death” said Leonardo de Vinci. Moreover since death is inevitable there is no need to fear or be frustrated on account of advancing age. This is for in the words of William Shakespeare ” All that live must die ,passing through nature to eternity.”

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