Why Family is Important to me Essay

why family is important to me essay

The family is the place of the most intense and significant experiences of human life. The family is the first and the most important social milieu; the quality of adult life greatly depends on the quality of relationships between family members. This family essay explores why family is important to me and why I love my family. This essay can be considered a written speech on the importance of family values and family relationships.


Essay on Importance of Family Introduction: A better part of our life is surrounded by the nucleus of our families. The knowledge learned from our parents, and other people from the family nucleus lays the foundation that is required for strengthening our identity and the basic communication skills and relationship with society. The bonds created play an important role in the development of our personality.  It has an important influence not only on the different areas of our lives but also on whom we are and who we will be.


The importance of my family cannot be described in my words, not in an essay, at least. My family taught me how to socialize. Here I learned to relate to other people, to how to resolve conflicts, to share with others, and of course, the basic rules of living in society.


When I entered preschool at 3 years of age, that was my first instance of formal education. However, I already knew many things about the world and how to deal with others. This is because in my family I had learned already how to address others, I already knew some of the ways to solve the day-to-day problems, and understood that there are different roles in society. For me, this was the basis of a distinction between my classmates and the teacher, between a family member and a stranger.


These concepts are basic and fundamental for living a life in the society. It is within a family that we learn to be social beings.


The importance of my family also lies in the fact that my family gave me values and beliefs. Since I was taught to relate to others from our family, I also learned to look at the world and locate myself in it. I learned standards, and I inculcated my belief system and values. That is to say, family is the first teacher that teaches us to believe in something, and to behave in the world in terms of values.


In this world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our family the center of our lives and the first of our priorities. In our family we love, serve, instruct and learn from each other. We share our joys and our sorrows. Family ties can be the cause of hardship, but they can also be the source of our greatest happiness.


The first emotional support network that I have throughout my life, even before my friends, is my family. Placing myself at the beginning of my life, it is precisely my family that taught me to name what I felt, to deal with frustration, to develop self-esteem and how to react to different situations.


I learned from my parents that what happened to me when I cried at times was sadness, in other anger, in other hunger, etc. It was they who, by naming what was happening to me, taught me that I feel different things and how to express them.


Essay on Importance of Conclusion: We cannot choose the conditions of our birth, but we can choose every day to strengthen our family ties and make it happier. It is in the context of our family that we realize a large part of our progress in life.  In fact, the family is one of the very few places of long-term ties. It’s very important to build your identity and to be part of a society.

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