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EnglishWritingHub.com  brings to you the largest and the best collection of sample english compositions and articles on a variety of topics meant especially for the school children with the intention of helping them in their homeworks and reducing the time and efforts involved therein. Our each and every article is written by expert teachers, thereby giving you a premium standard of content. We hope you’ll love these articles. Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome and will be taken into account.

The site has several unique features which make it distinct from other available sites. All the essays published in this site are:
• Creative so as to catch the reader’s attention and logically presented in well laid out paragraphs with proper spelling and punctuation marks.
• Written to a plan.
• Have a line of continuity throughout the composition
• Does not have high-flown language.
• Have an interesting and good introduction and conclusion.
•Each of the essay is preceded by the marking guidelines that to give a bird’s eye-view of the essay and are meant to guide the readers to write the essays with relevance and precision.
We, therefore, are here to provide you quality pieces of writing in well-organised, clear and accurate English, nicely written and logically presented.The site has been designed to present the best ever collection of English writings, giving essential information on how to attain and master language skills. It is hoped that all students who go through the site with diligence will be ble to write with confidence an essay on any topic easily. We express our sincere thanks to the readersfor their valuable suggestions and to our team, for the support and encouragement provided by them.