Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet

Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet

The internet is something we all know. This virtual world is a paradise for those who wish to learn, improve their culture, discover new areas, or even communicate.  Alas, just like in real life, the Internet is also a world of danger. This sample essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet lists around 10 advantages and disadvantages of the internet for students in points.


Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet

Introduction: The internet was born under a project approved in the United States in 1996. The project called Arpanet aimed to connect 60,000 computers in the defense department of the United States. The basic structure starts from Arpanet which gave rise to the internet, a communications network, in which the information is distributed and decentralized, without any central computer that controls it over time.

advantages and disadvantages of internet
Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet

The evolution and access to the Internet in recent times has grown enormously and today there are many people, especially the new generations were born with this, so that the Internet is already essential in our lives, and its growth cannot be stopped. Here tools of entertainment, strategies related to work and business of information come together, etc.

Internet serves as a means of information search and can use it for the school. At the same time, business and work take advantage of the Internet, facilitating the promotion of “not moving from the desk”. Cyberspace is a means of entertainment where files of all kinds are shared, and that is ultimately used by all.

On the internet, we can find an infinity of books from the most basic to the most complex passing through scientific, literary materials, among others. The Internet also allows access to books from one day to the next, that is, recent works, recently updated, without a doubt a benefit for reading lovers or the most studious in it. In the almost obsolete libraries, we only find updated books from two or three years ago, there are very few that have recent bibliographic material. This then affirms that once again cyberspace is above the archaic methods of learning.

At present the ways of learning have diversified, although the face-to-face classes in the universities still continue and will continue to exist, the web has made it possible to help those people who, sometimes due to work issues, get stuck in their instruction process. Currently, there are forms of distance education where the Internet has a preponderant role; helps people not to move from their homes to study; e-learning methods have granted users the privilege of studying, although at a distance, but receiving teaching.

The ease of obtaining information is just one of the many advantages that the Internet gives us in the educational field. There are many other advantages such as it makes communication much easier.  It is possible to meet and interact with many people from all over the world. It is possible to share many personal things or knowledge that someone else can use, and in that way, it becomes very profitable. , Data exchange, institutional portal, online shopping, watching TV shows and movies, advertising, online games, and free soft wares among many others are some of the services offered on the internet.

Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet
Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet

The easy access, forms knowledge networks, allows an interaction between cultures. It stimulates the use of new and different ways of learning/building. It has good tools to support collaborative work, design, development, and evaluation of projects, research, experimentation and interdisciplinary work. It facilitates learning by doing, building things and solving problems.

It also encourages the development and use of collaboration, communication and interaction skills and Stimulates the development and use of social and cognitive skills.

However, while using the Internet we have to be very careful and be responsible, not being controlled by any person or entity present, some disadvantages.

Just as it is easy to find good information, it is possible to find in the same way bad, unpleasant information (pornography, explicit violence, terrorism) that may especially affect minors.

It generates a great dependency or vice of the Internet, neglecting many personal, student or work. It causes students to make less effort to do their homework, due to bad copy/paste practice.


Essay on the advantages and disadvantages of internet Conclusion:  All the foregoing leads me to highlight the internet is a great tool but like everything else in life, it also has disadvantages for which we must take special care and responsibility. All of us should try to make a judicious use of the internet.




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