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Essay on Friendship

essay on friendship

A friendship in your life you cherish and your reasons for doing so? Introduction: What is friendship? How we met? How he helped me in my hour of need? Why I value his friendship? Conclusion: The most invaluable relationship. Essay on Friendship ‘True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. Fake friends are like autumn […]

Essay on Religion


Introduction: What is Religion? Glorious role of religion in India in the past. Religion being exploited by sectarian leaders for votes. Personal level: people are moderate. Political level: they are aggressive. Cause of this dichotomy, being lack of understanding of religion. Conclusion: We must be religious in the true sense of the word. Essay on […]

Essay on Clouds


Introduction: Clouds signify the bad or difficult experiences in life, which make it disturbing but interesting. Clouds in the sky are the most fascinating sight, How they are formed ? Clouds are basically of four types. These different types of clouds are a beauty to watch, inspiring poets. Clouds hanging over the sky for days […]

Descriptive Essay About Stars


Introduction: The mystery of Stars. Thought to foretell the future – Astrology. Used stars to navigate across sea and land. Their beauty and mystery inspired many poets. New branch of science called Astronomy. Man’s tryst with moon and stars led to finding nothing so beautiful and exhilarating about them. Conclusion: There are celebrities called ‘stars’ […]

India in 20th Century Essay

India in 20th century essay

“The century that was( 20th century)!” Give an account of three events that tookplace during the century which have had a lasting Impact on the world. Introduction: The 20th century was a turning point in the history of mankind. The independence of India on 15th August 1947.symbolised the victory of non-violence, ahimsa and truth. Blazed […]

Essay on Haste and Speed


Introduction: What is speed? Difference between haste and speed. Impact of speed in the field of telecommunication and transport. Impact on daily life, like cooking, commuting, education, entertainment and health care. Speed is the essence of life in this modern age. • Negative aspects for the youth; Deterioration in morality; Momentary thrill can be dangerous. […]