Advantages of Writing Diary Daily | Essay On Importance of Diary Writing

Advantages of Writing Diary Daily
  • Introduction: What is a diary?
  • To keep interest alive one must record events and associated feelings briefly.
  • It provides an immediate flashback of events. Making one recall and relive the Joys and sorrows.
  • Value of keeping a diary. Helps in writing letters, record of commercial transactions, appointments.
  • Source of great literary works by Pandit Jawahar Lal
  • Conclusion: A diary treasures the precious moments for prosterity.

Advantages of Writing Diary Daily

Essay on Importance of Diary Writing

Walter Scott definig a diary said, “ What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it. Dull to the contemporary who reads it and invaluable to the students  who centuries afterwards treasures it.” Putting it simply it is a chronicle of important events  of one’s life, recorded in a document called a diary. To keep and maintain it requires a methodical habit of regularly updating and recording events as they occur. Quite often we begin writing a diary with great zeal, but gradually this self imposed task becomes a drudgery and the initial enthusiasm begins to wane. In course of time the novelty of the idea wears of and the diary is almost forgotten. However some people meticulously maintain a diary because it gives immense pleasure, making them relive those precious moments that come but once in a lifetime.

To meticulously record events of the day one should fix a time for making entries in it. The ideal time usually being before retiring to bed. One should record significant events of the day along with feelings and emotions, related to the event. This helps in retaining interest in keeping a diary, and becomes a source of pleasure and profit in later years.

Advantages of Writing Diary Daily
Advantages of Writing Diary Daily

The noting in the diary provide an immediate flashback of events, at times recalling incidents that have been obliterated from memory. Leafing through the pages of a diary during leisure, makes one recall and relive the joys and sorrows, fear and anxiety of events that happened in the past. One can laugh at incidents, which appeared grave and insurmountable and the ease with which one confronted them. It also helps in revisiting mistakes made in life, so that they are not repeated again. In a subtle way it rejuvenates life and strengthens one’s resolve, to face the harsh realities of life more courageously and boldly.

Besides aiding memory, the entries in a diary help in writing letters to friends and relatives. This is for usually while writing letters, one is at a loss for writing something worthwhile. The entries in the diary come to our rescue. Thus besides aiding in mundane activities, it is a valuable document for professionals, business men and busy executives, who record future engagements, commercial entries, names and address for future reference.

Some diaries have later become great literary works like ‘My Experiments with Truth’ and the ‘Letters of a Father to a Daughter’ written by great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. They were basically the recording of incidents and feelings while they were in prison. They provide valuable insight into their thoughts and noble values which will continue to inspire future generations. Furthermore the world would have been much poorer, had the disciples of the visually challenged Surdas, not recorded his golden words in their diaries, for posterity to cherish.

There is therefore much pleasure and value of keeping a diary. Just flipping through its pages makes one take a brief journey into the past. One grows old, changing physically mentally and emotionally. A diary treasures these precious moments for posterity. Hence one must live life as it comes by, cherishing each moment for in the words of Robert Browning, “Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.”

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