Essay on Haste and Speed

  • Introduction: What is speed?
  • Difference between haste and speed.
  • Impact of speed in the field of telecommunication and transport.
  • Impact on daily life, like cooking, commuting, education, entertainment and health care.
  • Speed is the essence of life in this modern age. • Negative aspects for the youth; Deterioration in morality; Momentary thrill can be dangerous.
  • Conclusion: Speed up one must, but endeavour should be to give it a proper direction.

Essay on Haste and Speed



The more haste ever the worse speed” said Winston Churchill. Indeed haste is inversely proportional to speed. for haste involves being rash, impulsive and headstrong. These are qualities that are a sure recipe for disaster. The dictionary definition of speed is ‘Rapidity of movement, rate of progress or motion’. Thus the rate of movement of a vehicle, or the rate of progress in a society can be attributed to speed. It has special significance in the modern age, for one can be left behind in the race of life.

In the race of life one must keep oneself abreast of the latest developments and should not do anything in haste. This is for haste involves hurrying up while there is no such urgency if things are done speedily, for here speed is basically the rate of change. Thus speed of doing things can be accelerated by evolving new methods and technologies, without resorting to short cuts as done in haste. The last century saw revolutionary changes in virtually every sphere of life. Some changes gave new dimension to our understanding and calibration of speed, from microseconds to mili microseconds. This helped in the rapid development of space technology, launching of rockets and satellites in the space orbit.

Speed now measured in microseconds takes audio and video signals around the world. This is a tribute to man’s un quenching thirst to conquer time and distance. The most visible Impact of speed is in the field of telecommunication and transport. One can speak, or send a message to people on the other side of the globe using the internet in seconds. The communication satellites help in telecasting live incident across the world on television, sets. Distances which took days or even weeks to reach; are now traversed in hours thanks aeroplanes, cars and trains.


The relentless pursuit in perfecting technology has accelerated the peace of daily life. Thus cooking food, commuting to school and office, education, entertainment health care, have all become faster and more efficient, than they were a decade ago. The microwave ovens, hotplates, cooking gas and ready to cook fast foods, have made cooking less time-consuming, giving the housewife more time to engage in more productive works.  Similarly, education through audio visual aids and the internet, have hastened the learning, process. Advancement in the field of health care and medical research, has accelerated the recovery of the sick and the ailing, with some diseases being eradicated from tilt earth altogether.

The rate of change is distinctly discernible in the fashion world. It is quite common to find the rage of today, being discarded as old fashioned and outdated, the very other day. The new generation greatly enamoured by speed, take to driving jazzy bikes and snazzy cars to show off their prized possessions, often coming to grief. Others in their blind quest to keep abreast, become innocent victim to drugs, and moral depravity. One must bear in mind the old fable of the hare and the tortoise, which is just as good now as it was in bygone days. One does not win the race of life by rushing through it, but by slowly and steadily achieving milestones. It would do the youth immense good, to appreciate this and not he mesmerized by the momentary thrill of speed, that can be dangerous.

Speed of doing things, aided by technological innovations, has vastly contributed in making life pleasant and comfortable. This change is evident in every sphere of life. However some change has been for the better, making life happy, while others have led to speedy deterioration in morality and character . One must therefore accelerate the pace of development and speed in the right direction, for in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.

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