India As You See In First Quarter Of 21St Century Short Essays

  • Introduction: My vision of India.
  • Numerically the largest, but with quality manpower.
  • India – a nuclear power with a difference.
  • Spread of the green revolution, economic development and eradication of poverty.
  • Strengthening, of democratic traditions.
  • Conclusion: A unique example of unity in diversity.

India As You See In First Quarter Of 21St Century 

India As You See In First Quarter Of 21St Century Short Essays
India As You See In First Quarter Of 21St Century Short Essays

India as I see in the first quarter of the 21st century, would be an emerging global power. It would be a proud, self-reliant, nuclear power country, having a strong economic and the largest creditable and vibrant working democracy, which would be the envy other countries.

Numerically it would be the most populous country, with one in every four inhabitant of the universe, being an Indian. Thus it would even surpass China in terms of population. The manpower would however be an asset, for it would comprise of qualified technocrats, who would make a positive contribution to the G.D.P of the country. Thus what oil did to the middle east countries, our enlightened computer proficient engineers and technocrats could do to India. The world would see in amazement, the entrepreneurial skill of our entrepreneurs, who would repeat the Silicon Valley success in many parts of the country.

Besides this the country would emerge as a nuclear superpower with a difference. Having acquired an effective deterrence capability, it would be exploiting nuclear energy for peaceful purposes like generating electricity, medical science and exploiting natural resources, which are available in abundance for the welfare of the people.

The green revolution would have spread throughout the country, even to the desert region of the country. This would be possible by effectively tapping the abundant rivers in the country and building a chain of dams and hydroelectric projects on them. Thus not only would the country be self sufficient in terms of food grain, but would instead be a major exporter of food grains and horticulture products. The economic reforms started in the last millennium, would have borne fruit, leading to less inflation and the eradication of poverty because of faster rate of economic development. The invaluable natural resources of the country and an established industrial base, would enable  power like, India to become an economic power like Japan.

Besides economic progress and development the democratic traditions of the country would be further strengthened, with greater participation by all segments of the society. Thus people of diverse cultural and social background, would live together without ally discrimination of caste, creed or religion. There would be peace and tranquillity, which would be a unique example of unity in diversity.

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