Is god Dead? – Short Essay


Is God Dead?

  • Introduction: Reason for doubt.
  • Marginalisation of the forces of good.
  • Who is God? The preaching of the Bible, Lord Buddha and Lord Rama.
  • All religions preach the virtue of goodness.
  • Growth of religious fundamentalism, an antithesis of all religious percept.
  • ¬†Cause for doubt.
  • The prospering of forces of evil over good.
  • Conclusion: The belief in God and godliness should not die for peace and happiness.

Is god dead? – Short Essay


To pose such a question as the above, could be only attributed to a cynic, who does not view God in the proper perspective. It could stem from his ignorance of God, and the universal marginalisation of the forces of good, being dominated by the forces of evil. The triumph and adulation of these evil forces are destroying the belief in goodness and I in 11, snaking people wonder at time of God’s existence.

God is neither a physical nor an abstract creature. He is not there in temples, churches, idols or the pilgrim spots that one religiously visits. He is but a manifestation of all things ¬†good in life and resides in each and every living creature on earth. The Bible therefore says “God created man in his own image, in the image of God be him, male and female created he both”. It was this eternal truth that Siddhartha set out to find after renouncing kingdom. Only to later realise on his enlightenment, that what he had set Out to seek was but present in himself. This eternal pursuit of man to know God gave rise to spiritualism and the evolution of religion. Thus the Hindu mythology has the great epic of Ramayana, which motivates one to emulate the noble ideals of Lord Rama. It effectively portrays the universal truth of the victory of good forces over evil. Besides Hinduism all religions preach the virtue of goodness and love for salvation and happiness.

Despite this religious leaning it is an antithesis to find people fighting among themselves, to prove the supremacy of their religion. This hatred fanned by the fanatic has led to the growth of religious fundamentalism, which is posing a grave danger to mankind. The religious zealots behave like savages, baying for other’s blood – an act not sanctified by any religion. Acknowledging this dichotomy Charles Colton remarked, “Man will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, anything but live for it.”

To compound to the growth of religious fundamentalism, there is a progressive domination of the forces of evil that seem to go unpunished and often rewarded. On the other hand, the forces of good are seen to be retreating and going unrewarded. Thus criminals and mafias are infiltrating the corridor of power and prospering, while the good and the pious, are gradually side-lined, and, trampled upon. This is evident in the prospering of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, who never meet their nemesis. There is thus a serious scepticism about God’s existence. One must however not lose heart for in the ultimate analysis good and truth always prevail for in the words of H W Longfellow,

“Though the mill of God grind slowly,

Yet they grind exceedingly small;

Though with patience He stands waiting,

With exactness grinds He all.”

One must therefore not give way to despair, and move away from godliness and truth for it only can make one happy and bring peace and prosperity to the strife torn world. The belief in God and godliness cannot die, as long as there is life on earth. To have an illusion the contrary, would tantamount to inviting disaster and doom.

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