Essay on Life After School

Essay on Life After School
  • Introduction: A good phase of school is over.
  • Challenges for the future.
  • My Ambition in life.
  • What I plan to do? Other options.
  • Conclusion: The future is indeed very bright and challenging anxiously.

Essay on Life After School

Essay on Life After School
Essay on Life After School

Essay on Life After School  Introduction: ‘Life after School’ is indeed an important phase in life that I am anxiously looking forward to. One stage of life has gone by, leaving many sweet memories. Though like to cling to it, but the words of Robert Frost propel me on, “for I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep”.

Indeed future life is long, daunting and unknown, but my days in school have prepared me to face the challenges of life. I am aware of the different avenues open to me, each with its own glamour and charm. The glamour is but an illusory facade, for what goes into realising the dream is much stern stuff. I could choose to be a doctor, engineer, a business executive, or a teacher. All respectable professions in their own right, but I have a dream.

I have an ambition of becoming a computer professional and an industry leader like Bill Gates. I would not only like to carve a niche for myself in this highly competitive profession, but also explore new avenues for making technology more users friendly and responsive to our needs. The goal is daunting but not impossible, for what is life without a challenge. I therefore foresee days of intense academic struggle and hard work. I plan to spend one year preparing for my IIT examination. My like-minded friends shall be with me in study and play, discussing our experiences to mutual benefit. In the age of cutthroat competition, even a fraction of a mark can make the difference between success and failure. I therefore cannot afford to be complacent, for this crucial phase of my life shall not come again.

The only fear that haunts me is the eventuality of failure. It does unnerve me at times. But then is qualifying an exams, the be all and end all to life? I think not. Life is something more sublime. If my preparation cannot see me through IIT, they will definitely come handy elsewhere. Someone rightly said, “Hitch your wagon to a star,” for only then can you achieve something tangible in life. If not HT, I would take a degree in MCA, and follow it up with specialisation in E Commerce. The options are indeed unlimited, especially in the field of Information Technology. The new millennium shall see a boom in IT and I foresee a very bright future for computer professionals in commerce and industry.

The future to me appears very bright and challenging and there is no shortcut to success. I am inspired by the words of HW Longfellow who said and I quote

“The heights by great reached and kept.

Were not attained by sudden flight.

But they while their companion slept.

Were toiling upward in the night. ”

Essay on Life After School Conclusion: Spending a better part of our life in the School, the thought of not returning to that place where we have Nederland all the valuable lessons of our life is painful. However we should be optimistic about our life after school.

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