Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay

mobile phones essay

Introduction of Mobile phone Essay : In today’s era Mobile Phones is as important for an individual as any other necessity. This essay evaluates the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Mobile Phones in our daily life.

Essay on Mobile phone introduction: The Mobile Phones has become an indispensable part of our life and increasingly among the millennial. These days it is no more a means to only receive and answer calls, but the so called ‘Smartphones” also allow us to do multiple activities such as browsing the internet, interaction in social networks, that, take photos, record videos, etc.

Advantages of Mobile Phone: Mobile phones have revolutionized modern communication and empowered consumers and users. The arrival, acceptance and proliferation of them have democratized the opportunities and possibilities of millions of people. Rural, inland and marginalized areas are now interconnected to urban areas due to cellular communication technologies.

With the help of it you can communicate ,through calls and text messages, to anybody sitting in any corner of the world  on real time. The biggest advantage of mobile phones over telephones is portability. It can be easily carried from one place to another. Mobile phones can be used to give alerts or early warning alerts on different emergency situations, such as medical ones, weather-related disasters, accidents and crimes.

It allows us to be connected as long as we want. This is vital for today’s technological consumption since there is a tendency to be connected all day, whether on Twitter , or Facebook , among other social networks. It allows us to schedule all our contacts of friends or acquaintances without having to remember them.

It also allows us to take capture the sweet times of our life by means of digital photographs. It has brought photography into the daily life of millions which was traditionally a luxury. The cell phones of today generally have multiple cameras ranging from  5MP to 50 MP .

Apart from that allows us to listen to the music and watch the movies and shows we like because on the go . This is a great advantage .Various applications such as calculators, games, and educational apps not only entertain us but can  make our everyday life easier.

It allows us to connect to the Internet, a great virtual network where there is a lot of information. Students can especially benefit from this virtual library. And the best thing – the price as well as  the cost of using a cell phone is not so high compared to all the facilities  it provides.

Disadvantages of Mobile phone: Nothing is perfect –not even our beloved phones. Like many consumer technology applications, cell phones have their own distinct disadvantages.

It has given birth to a lot of problems. It can isolate us from reality because of a possible addiction. It is very common that if one is always aware of new messages or new connections through the cell phone, he isolates himself from society in order to enter into a dark and lonely world. It can cause self-absorption, disconnection with reality and loneliness .This is a clear disadvantage of the cell phone .

When used excessively, its users will become dependent on the technology, affecting their mental health, which may cause this individual not to engage in physical activity.

A study by the National Council for Radiological Protection of Great Britain (NRPB) led by Sir William Stewart said that children under the age of eight should never use cell phones. And those who are between nine and 14 should restrict their use to a minimum and replace a good part of the calls by sending text messages. The reasons are many and they are very clear for Stewart “the skull of the children is not thick enough, their nervous system is not fully developed and the radiation penetrates with more force in their brains”.

Limited attention span for other activities and tasks during the incessant conversation on mobile phones, dangerous driving while conversing and being a slave to the crutches of this wireless communication device are some of the indirect but dangerous  effects of using cell phones.

Essay of Mobile phone Conclusion: While there are many contradictory studies on the negative effects of mobile phones, it has become an essential part of our life. The ability to communicate by voice, text and even email has made interaction possible at any time and from human to human through vast geographic areas. Its negative effects are because of the human tendency to misuse things and they can be controlled.



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