Natural Disasters Essay

  • Introduction: In the past natural disasters were regarded as an instrument of God to punish mankind for their sins.
  • Science has shed enough light on why they occur. We are yet to discover how some of these calamities can be prevented.
  • Earthquakes are caused by movements of rocks deep in the earth’s crust. Cyclones, floods and droughts are equally devastating.
  • Some of them are manmade because of pollution leading to global warming.
  • Conclusion: Immediate need to take measures to maintain the ecological balance of nature, so as to prevent some of the natural disasters.

Natural Disasters Essay

natural disasters

Natural disasters Essay

“When beggars die there are no comets seen. The heavens themselves blaze forth death of princes,” said William Shakespeare in his famous play Julius Caesar. Thus unusual happenings of nature portended something evil, for the rulers in the past. Even today in some parts of the country, people attribute natural disasters to God’s will, to punish mankind for his sins. It is indeed a paradox, that nature which bequeaths so much to mankind should turn its fury so ferociously, by unleashing earthquakes, cyclones, landslides, floods and droughts, which kill and maim thousands of people and damage property.

It is untenable to accept the explanations of the past, for the occurrence of the natural disasters. Man has after relentless effort, tried to understand why these calamities occur, and how they can be prevented. The wealth of scientific information now available sheds light on why they occur. However we are yet to discover how some of these natural disasters can be predicted and prevented.

Thus we know that earthquakes, on the most common natural disasters, are caused by movements of rocks deep in the earth’s crust. The snapping of the rocky strata which is subjected to great stress, unleashes a large fount of energy, which makes the earth quiver leading to an earthquake. The earthquake brings in its folds, colossal destruction to life and property. Since it occurs without any bra lily it obliterates entire towns and cities. The earthquakes in the ocean cause tsunami, wherein huge tidal waves strike the coastal areas causing much destruction.

Other natural disasters like cyclones, floods and droughts, are equally devastating, and have wreaked havoc on countries. The recent cyclone which struck Odisha, had left thousands of people dead and millions homeless. Floods are an annual phenomenon in the country, and some districts are known to be prone to it, especially during the monsoon months. In this period rivers overflow their banks, submerging huge tracts of land under water causing great loss to life and property. While the abundance of rain causes floods, its absence causes droughts, leading to famine, and consequently death due to starvation and diseases.


Essay on Natural Disasters

Man has himself to blame for most of these natural disasters. The mindless deforestation and denudation of green cover, has played havoc with nature. This coupled with the enormous pollution of the environment caused by releasing deadly gases and chemicals, has irreparably damaged the protective ozone layer of the ionosphere. This has resulted in global warming, which is adversely affecting the climate and playing havoc with nature.

Since some of them are man made natural disasters, there is immediate need to take measures to maintain the ecological balance of nature This can be done by reducing the pollution in the environment, by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. There is also need for proper management of our water and food resources to face ravages caused by floods and droughts. We have however no clues for preventing earthquake and cyclone. At best we can only device ways of minimising the loss, by trying to predict them, through geological and meteorological studies.


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